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Programming is the mainstay of Miracle Concepts. The founder of the company has been programming for 16 years starting with DEC PDP11/70. The main focus of our programming is for multimedia and educational software. Products produced range from full multimedia features including video, audio, digital pictures that cover as many as 4 CD's to electronic versions of engineering handbooks for delivery over the internet. What follows is our various capabilities:


Metrowerks C++

Symantic C++

Think C


Borland C++

Watcom C


Borland Delphi

Visual Basic



VAX Basic





Tutor Tech









Platforms & OS

Windows 3.x

Windows 95



Apple II & IIGS


Graphics Preparation

All original graphics are created by an MMDC Associate (see MMDC). If original print art work is supplied by the client, such as charts, photographs, etc., this prep work is done in-house. We have scanning capabilites and an artist in-house that can clean and manipulate the graphics as required for the product. Graphics can be produced in a variety of formats: BMP, PCX, GIF, JPG, PNG, etc. for delivery on a varity of platforms: Windows, Mac, and UNIX.

HTML Production

Miracle Concepts generated all the HTML pages you see here as well as the pages for interactiv.lee, inc, and the MMDC pages. We can produce pages using various HTML editors and also have in-house capabilities to convert large volumes of data into interactively linked HTML pages. An example of this is the "Microelectronics Packaging Handbook". This was first keyed and prepared into an RTF format. Then it was converted into HTML form for distribution on a CD-ROM. However, it could just as well be used as an internet product. Another example is the "Aircraft Familiarization Demo" which can be found on the interactiv.lee, inc Web pages.

CD-ROM One Offs

This service speaks for itself. Given the cost of CDR devices, the need for this service isn't as great as it was at one time. However, not everyone can produce CD's for every platform. We can produce CD's for MS-DOS, Mac, Unix, and Hybri CD's for use on more than one platform.

Electronic Publishing

Miracle Concepts has produced several highly regarded electronic publications. Most of these have been engineering texts and required the inclusion of live math capabilities. We have provided the presentation of data using various means. Gieck & Gieck Engineering Formulas was produced as a Mathcad Electronic Handbook. Several chapters of "Mark's Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers" was produced using MultiMedia Viewer with interactive links to a Mathcad Handbook. Sections of the "Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations" by Tyler Hicks were also made using MultiMedia Viewer and interactive Mathcad links. These along with several other publications were done for McGraw-Hill.

Other publications have envolved creating HTML version of the text along with a JAVA Full Text Search Engine. One example of this is the "Microelectronics Packaging Handbook", published by Chapman & Hall.(see Demos)

Data Preparation

Data preparation can take on many forms. Our speciality is turning complex engineering publications into electronic products. This data preparation requires the keying of large quantities of text as well as rendering of tables, charts, and graphics. Complex graphics are done by MMDC Associates (see MMDC).

Keyed data is tagged in SGML, HTML, or a subset or combination of various tagging methods. Once tagging is completed, it is then used for display and delivery in the product. Some cases require that the data be keyed into an RTF format. In many cases this is the archive version of the data which is then either converted or ported into the delivery product.

Video Editing

Full video services are provided by RW Communications (see MMDC). What we provide are simple video capture services with digital editing. This service is provided for those clients that already have some video that can be used or repurposed for the project. We can digitize that video and use it where applicable. We will digitize up to 5-10 minutes worth of video in-house. Any amount over that is sent out to a speciality house to digitize. It is more cost effective to do it this way with large video amounts. We also send out all video that needs to be provided as MPEG.

In-house we can provide Quicktime, AVI, Audio, all in using various Codecs and for eventual delivery on various and multiple platforms. We can also provide Realvideo files for delivery over the internet.



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